Guidelines for the development of the Tasks Organization Project (TOP)

Tasks Organization Project (TOP) describes methods for the preparation and execution of works to ensure the safety of people at every stage of works. Tasks Organization Project (TOP) should be compatible with the planned technology of work, physical and technical documentation, operating instructions and safety instructions.

When the general contractor hires subcontractors, it is required to develop based on TOP-s Subcontractors one Tasks Organization Project describing the full range of the work and coordination of health and safety rules.

The Contractor is required to update records of TOP as conditions change of the work (there is a change of technology, time, organization of work, ways to protect workers, etc. The contractor is required to agree to the changes in the Project Work of the Employer Organization - Project Manager / Construction, the person responsible for safety and get their consent to the proposed amendments.

The Contractor is obliged to refrain from work and immediately report to the Project Manager on the part of the Purchaser cases not possible to continue to work in a safe manner, is susceptible human health and life.

Task Organization Project should contain:

  • basis for the development of the project - the contract number,
  • description of the subject and scope of the design,
  • description of the location (building / unit) Employer information Contractors, Contractors, sub-contractors,
  • information about persons responsible for preparing the TOP (developed / checked / approved),
  • determine the elements that the Purchaser shall provide the Contractor (access to the media, communication paths, the way forward jobs, access to the zones, road transport, to inform about the hazards in the area of ​​the work, the designation of the persons responsible on behalf of the Employer, an indication of the procedures in the event of a situation crisis etc.),
  • specify the elements which the Contractor undertakes to ensure the implementation of the work (providing employees with the right skills to the task, curb styles extent necessary to perform assigned work to familiarize employees with the contents of TOP, signage and securing of its work, ensuring proper waste management organization, an indication of employees in health and social security, etc.),
  • information on how to carry out the teaching staff prior to the execution of works particularly hazardous, including the determination of rules of conduct in dangerous situations,
  • define rules for the application of measures of individual and collective, protecting against the effects of hazards,
  • way fencing work zones and rules of marking hazardous areas,
  • list of works which carry a risk with a description of the general protection of workers and the object (horizontal and vertical transport, work at height, materials and products or hazardous substances, hazardous fire-danger work, work in tanks and other confined spaces, work in the trenches, the movement etc.),
  • general description of the tasks of technology - a list of works carried out in sequence including a timetable,
  • description of the operation particularly dangerous or difficult technologically - applies complex work, in which the operation requires special preparation (transport bulky items, the use of corrosive chemicals, explosive or high risk to life or health, opening hatches, the work of fire / explosion hazardous work confined spaces, hazardous areas, specialized work, etc.),
  • developed describing the operation of the rescue procedure in the event of the occurrence of a specific hazard,
  • risk assessment and hazard for the entire job, taking into account the hazards (noise, dust, temperature, working at heights, in confined spaces, transport works, etc.), and the threat generated by operations are particularly dangerous or difficult technologically. The risk assessment should evaluate the different activities / work,
  • a description of the work safety rules,
  • a list of individual and collective protection, requirements for equipment - the list drawn up on the basis of the assessment and risk,
  • information about the rules for notification of events including a list of emergency phone with an indication of the location of first aid kits and fire protection,
  • a list of employees with rights eligibility.